• La Otra Orilla

  • La Otra Orilla ('the other shore') - borders on the hostel category because of its prices, but it is, nevertheless, an endearing venue for a little Latin romance.
    \r\nTechnically, La Otra Orilla's claim to be a Palermo Viejo hotel is a little bold, since it's located on the southern side of Avenida Scalabrini Ortiz (where most people believe Palermo Viejo ends). However, La Otra Orilla is only a few minutes' walk from the boutique shops and restaurants that the area is so famous for. (Be careful crossing the Avenida on your way there.)
    \r\nCecilia Ramos Mejia and her husband Alejandro Braun opened this bed-and-breakfast style hotel in 2001 during the last crash and have been booked out since the tourists poured in after the 2002 devaluation of the peso. There are seven rooms: four are cosy and slick enough for the choosiest of travellers, but two share a bathroom.
    \r\nThere is one suite overlooking the small, busy garden. Book it. If it's unavailable, choose the Bamboo, Violeta or Lino rooms, which all have puffed double beds and and have a warmth to them - not that you will be cold in Buenos Aires.
    • Style: 5, Location: 7, Atmosphere: 7
    • USD 35 - 65

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