• Axel Hotel

  • Please Disturb. Whispers the sign hanging from the door of one of the 48 rooms at Axel Hotel, the first gay boutique hotel spot in BA, where transparency is not just a motto, it rules.\r\n
    \r\nLocated at the south of the city, in the heart of historic San Telmo where a melée of antique shops, tango legends and cutting edge galleries live together in a friendly open way. This anything goes character is reflected inside the Axel Hotel, where gays or non-gays are welcomed to enjoy life and endlessly pamper themselves.
    \r\nGlass is everywhere, as is the calming sound of water. Fresh light filters its way through the modern classy furniture at the Chill Out Bar. The sexy Sky Bar by the outdoor pool is surrounded by a wooden deck and comfy sofas perfect for heavenly naps. But the winner in the beauty stakes is the transparent-base, heated swimming pool resting on the rooftop, conquering each innocent gaze that enters the lobby.
    \r\nRooms are comfortable and classic with just a glass wall separating the king size bed from the shower. There is a well equipped fitness club, with sauna, Jacuzzi, Finnish bath and fitness gym. Two bars, a restaurant with fusion cuisine and even gay parties hosted specially at the Chill Out bar top off the entertainment - you'll be hard pressed to want to leave.\r\n
    • Style: 10, Location: 8, Atmosphere: 10
    • USD 200 - 360

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