• Tailor Made Hotel

  • Bespoke, just like a beautiful pair of polo boots -this is the statement under which this Tailor Made Hotel first opened its doors next to the polo field where glamour descends each December on sunny Buenos Aires.
    \r\nThis small hotel with only 5 rooms really lives up to to its name, with its attentive service and small-scale homely atmosphere. Once you pay for your room, there are no extra charges. You can delve inside your mini bar, drink champagne, ask for an extra bed, pick your favorite pillow and choose the color of your blanket to match your mood. There is no set time for breakfast and generally everything is provided when and where you want it -lap tops, music, food and drink...
    \r\nIf that's not enough to meet your pampering needs, Marikel, the cute owner of Tailor Made, is happy to be your personal concierge, help you get the best of BA and make you feel just like you would at home, even finding your favorite scented candle to perfume your room.
    \r\nTailor Made has a small lobby in a minimalist Scandinavian style. The rooms are white and shiny with no great character, but they do have comfy beds to relax in. The high spot is the suite with private terrace and Jacuzzi, a must for those here to see the Abierto de Polo de Palermo in hot summer and want to chill out after an exiting match.
    • Style: 7, Location: 8, Atmosphere: 7
    • USD 180 - 340
    • Arce 385, Las Cañitas
    • +5411 4774 9620

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